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Across Africa, agric business is one of the lucrative businesses one can venture into due to the increasing population and high demands for foods. However, as much as it is lucrative many individuals and start-ups face challenges in having the adequate capital in venturing into agriculture. Bank loans might not be available unless you have enough collateral to get a loan or you have past records of sales and high profits.

Government on the other hand may not be able to reach out to farmers in the rural areas who are the key food producers for the country. This may be as a result of a defamation in the extension service or non-availability of farmer`s data for easy tracking. Sometimes, government might not be ready to invest money into the AGRICULTURAL SECTOR.

All these challenges are enough reasons to discourage farmers in producing foods for the nation. Howbeit, Proximate Agro Solutions offers a wide range of help in getting grants for farmers and upcoming farmers. Getting access to loans are other services we provide at Proximate Agro.

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Providing Agri-finance is a key issue to look into because it is one of the ways to ensure that farmers continue in the production of foods. Also, many farm equipment cost a lot of fortune, therefore, adequate financing is needed to enhance the production level of food and it reduces the level of hunger in the country and the world at large.

FarMARKET: Food market talks about the process of getting foods to buyers or consumers. The pricing and distribution are all essential parts of food marketing..

It is no longer news that about 60% of farm produce get into waste due to factors like non availability of processing machineries and inadequate supply to consumers which can be as a result of having no customer to purchase from the farmer and ease of getting the farm produce to markets on time before its shelf live ends.

At Proximate Agro Solutions, here is one of the problems we can fix. How do we go about that! We give farmers a helping hand in getting their farm produce to potential buyers while farmers do not have to worry about their produce not getting sold or getting wasted.

With our vast connections to other Agric firms and partners, potential buyers of farm produce can easily be reached out to.

You reach us, we reach out to customers for you both home and abroad. Thereby bridging the gap between you and customers; You can sit back, get paid and sell your produce easily.

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within the first 5 years of operation, be among the African top 3 platforms that provide data-driven agricultural mechanization, financial and market linkage services in the agricultural value chain.

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To leverage on technology and data-driven solution that will digitally link smallholder rural farmers to mechanization, finance and market to ensure food security, zero hunger, poverty eradication, economic growth and financial inclusion.

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We have your Agric Business growth and expansion in mind and have been positioned at this moment to help achieve maximum yield from your effort

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